Real Cookie Banner 1.0: GDPR & ePrivacy Cookie Consent

Real Cookie Banner 1.0 released

The GDPR and ePrivacy Directive require you to obtain an opt-in consent to set cookies for visitors on your website. We all love the funny cookie banners on the website, but they are mandatory by law in the EU and are an appropriate solution to enforce more privacy on the internet.

We have spent the last six months developing a new major WordPress plugin: Real Cookie Banner. A cookie and consent management plugin for WordPress. Find cookies and fill in all legal information in your cookie banner. It’s more than just a cookie notice, it’s a full-featured cookie and consent management plugin to set cookies for your visitors in compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive!

What is Real Cookie Banner?

Real Cookie Banner is an opt-in cookie and consent management plugin. Obtain consent to load services and set cookies for your visitors in accordance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. In addition, content blockers help you to be compliant even if your theme, plugin or content loads styles, scripts or iframes that would transfer personal data. You can start with our guided configuration to set up your cookie banner step by step and avoid legal risks!

Cookie consent with Real Cookie Banner at

What features does Real Cookie Banner offer?

Real Cookie Banner is a powerful tool for cookie and consent management on WordPress websites. We have focused on providing you with an easy-to-use solution that meet the complex legal requirements of the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR. So you can legally set cookies without being a lawyer.

You can also compare us to alternative cookie banner plugins to learn more about the advantages of Real Cookie Banner!

Look for cookie template in consent management

Cookie & Consent Management: You can use Real Cookie Banner to store all technical and legal information about cookies and services to obtain informed consent. You can use 40+ cookie templates and 25+ content blocker templates to quickly and securely provide all the information you need.

Consent to cookies via a content blocker

Content Blocker: Themes, plugins and co. usually load scripts, styles and content that transfer personal data and set cookies before you have the consent of your visitors. You usually cannot control this by yourself. Content blockers make sure that these features are only executed after you have obtained consent.

Customize cookie banner design in WordPress Customizer

Customize design: You can design the cookie banner according to your wishes. 10+ design presets and over 170 options give you the flexibility to customize the design perfectly to fit with your corporate design. From colors and effects to texts, you can let off steam creatively. All changes are shown in a live preview.

Use the checklist to set up the cookie banner

Guided configuration: After installation, the checklist will guide you through all steps to set up Real Cookie Banner in a legally compliant manner. We also explain the legal basis of features and the legal consequences if you change settings. So you can quickly and safely set up your cookie banner!

View documented consent with reproduced cookie banner at time of consent

Documentation of consents: According to the GDPR, you have to prove that a visitor has consented to cookies if he or she doubts this. We document consent completely and make it possible to trace the origin of the consent afterwards. So you are on the safe side even in the worst case!

Open Real Cookie Banner settings in WordPress

Native solution in WordPress: The consent management is completely installed in your WordPress. You have no need to use a cloud service that may raise further legal questions. All data is in your hands, without dependence to a third server.

Why another Cookie Banner Plugin for WordPress?

When we were looking for a cookie banner plugin for our own website in early 2020, we tested all 17 plugins we found. However, only seven of these WordPress plugins have implemented an opt-in procedure at all (this is the only one that is still allowed in the EU according to the current legal situation!) Two of them only work with a cloud connection to its manufacturer, which was an unnecessary dependency for us. When we took a closer look at the legal side, we have some major and some minor problems with the remaining five plugins when we think about whether they would be able to withstand a legal dispute. And only one of the available cookie banner plugins back then was so flexible and customizable that we would recommend using it on a professional website. At the same time, this one and the other plugins are technically so complex that we would not trust any of our agency clients to handle them.

We weren’t happy with any solution and bloggers we knew couldn’t recommend the legendary wollmilchsau to us.

During the development of Real Cookie Banner we had to learn that none (!) of the other currently available cookie banners without unnecessary cloud connection for WordPress fulfills all legal requirements.

Real Cookie Banner claims to be the best cookie banner plugin for WordPress that allows you a legally compliant setup and makes it easy do the job!

Where can you get Real Cookie Banner?

You are still here and want to try out Real Cookie Banner? I think we did something right!

You can buy the PRO version of Real Cookie Banner at It includes all features of the plugin, regular updates to stay up to date with the latest legal requirements and premium support from our support team in Germany. And you don’t have to buy a pig in a poke, just try the PRO version in a free sandbox before you buy.

For small websites, we offer a totally free version of Real Cookie Banner at You can create a cookie banner that is fully compliant with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive with the free version. What is missing compared to the PRO version are convenience features such as most cookie and content blocker templates, cookie banner design presets, cookie consent statistics, advanced integration of Google Tag Manager and Matomo Tag Manager or support for WordPress Mulisite installations.

Try Real Cookie Banner today and convince yourself that Real Cookie Banner is – in our opinion – the most flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use cookie and consent management plugin for WordPress!