Real Media Library 4.9: REST API Notice, Video and Translations

Real Media Library Version 4.9

We have released version 4.9 of our popular WordPress plugin Real Media Library. The new version includes a notice if you have an active REST API blocker, translations into Italian, Portuguese and Turkish, a feature video for new users and compatibility for the upcoming WordPress 5.5.

REST API blocker: We help you to fix it!

WordPress is an old walrus and therefore some developers find it difficult to allow “modern” development methods. RESTfull APIs are currently the de facto standard for client-server communication outside the WordPress ecosystem on the web. At the same time, many WordPress security plugins explicitly block the built-in core WordPress REST API. Since Real Media Libraries use the WordPress REST API, we receive more than a handful of support requests every week that the plugin does not work. The simple answer to this questions is: you and your security plugin are actively blocking it.

That’s why we did a market research and implemented a detection system for the 15 most popular WordPress plugins that are able to block the REST API and show you directly the reason why Real Media Library is not working in your installation.

REST API blocker detected

Feature Video: Real Media Library in less than 2 minutes

Nowadays, when we are looking for professional software, we are used to find a video about its main features, and we can learn in a few minutes whether it is suitable for our needs or not. We are proud to present you the first video about our WordPress product Real Media Library. In the feature video, you as a new user can see the most important features and how to use them in less than two minutes. We hope that this is a great addition to the sandbox and free version of the plugin to get an impression of our product before buying. Watch the video if you haven’t already!

Translations into Italian, Portuguese and Turkish

Real Media Library was already available in older versions in nine languages. Now we have added translations into Italian, Portuguese and Turkish to make localized versions available to even more people. A big thank you to Pennati, Felipe and Abdullah for sharing the translations in your native language with all other users.

WordPress 5.5 compatibility

In August 2020 WordPress 5.5 will be released and bring a lot of changes. Especially the Gutenberg editor will get many new features that will help you to create great websites just and only with Gutenberg. We have already tested the developer versions of the upcoming release, and we have optimized both the Real Media Library and the add-on Real Physical Media to work perfectly with the new version. So you can update your WordPress with the confidence that your media library will continue to work the way you use it.

Upgrade your WordPress Real Media Library to version 4.9 now and enjoy all the new features! Or if you are not yet a PRO user, try the free version at