Real Physical Media 1.1: Rebranding, new translations and special character striping

Real Physical Media 1.1

Real Physical Media is the perfect match for the Real Media Library. The add-on reflects the folder structure of your Real Media Library in your file system. This gives you an SEO boost and more traffic for your website. We are happy to announce today the release of version 1.1 of Real Physical Media, which not only includes a completely new branding and rewritten translations, but also a simplified setup process, special character striping, lower case paths and much more. Check it out!

New branding Real Physical Media

After the rebranding of Real Media Library in February, we are excited to give Real Physical Media a similar styling, which underlines that these two WordPress plugins are a perfect match. We have removed as many technical terms as possible from the product description and explained Real Physical Media’s rather complex solution in an easy understandable way. Especially if you are not an SEO expert, you may not know that the file path of your media uploads has a significant impact on how your images and in the end your entire website is ranked in search engines like Google. We’ll try to explain a little about this in the new product description so you understand why Real Physical Media is a must-have add-on for most users of the Real Media Library.

New branding of Real Physical Media

Simplified installation process

With Real Physical Media you can not only enhance the folder organization features of Real Media Library, but also take advantage of the features of the popular WordPress plugin Media File Renamer. To do so, you need to install all three plugins and connect them together. In previous versions of Real Physical Media, you had to do the installation process by hand with a manual, which – to be honest – was ugly. We have automated this process as much as possible and guide you through all the steps directly in your WordPress backend so that you can set up the complete solution in minutes and check if it works as expected!

Now its easier than ever to start with Real Physical Media

Rewritten English Translation. Added German translation.

We have not only worked to simplify the product description of Real Physical Media and to sell you the same complex product in a new face. Instead, we’ve rethought and completely rewritten every single line of text to make it easier for you to use each and every feature of the plugin. In addition to the rewritten English translation, we have translated the complete plugin into German so that our users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can use Real Physical Media in their native language.

Stripe special characters from file paths and names

A new feature of Real Physical Media is the built-in special character striping function for file paths and names. In some languages like German there are special charters like ä, ö or ß which cause problems in URLs. WordPress itself cannot handle this properly, but there are a few plugins that should solve the problem. We have tried them all and did not find a single plugin that fully meets our requirements. So we decided to develop the most powerful special characters striping for WordPress ourselves. It can not only stripe all well known special characters from folder and file names, but also Unicode symbols like emojis. This means that you, as a user of Real Physical Media, are officially allowed to use emojis in your folder names, and you will have no trouble with them?

Stripe special characters

Lowercase paths for better compatibility

Another problem we are addressing with the new version of Real Physical Media is the case sensitivity of pathnames. Especially Windows users may know that the folder “Test” and “test” can be the same folder, even if the names are obviously different. By default, the system does not distinguish between upper and lower case. This caused problems when you mirror your Real Media Library folders to physical folders because the names of your folders are most likely case-sensitive. From now on, all physical folders are lower case by default, and we’ll take care of the hassle for you – if you like, because you can disable this feature in the settings safely if you wish.