Borlabs Cookie Voucher

Borlabs Cookie is a popular WordPress plugin when it comes to getting on top of the cookie chaos on your website.

The Cookie Plugin is designed to help you make your website compliant with the GDPR by allowing you to obtain opt-in consent. In addition, it is equipped with numerous features such as the management of cookies in cookie groups, codes for services such as Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, content blockers and compatibility with a variety of themes.

One drawback, however, is that Borlabs Cookie is not free.

It is therefore hardly surprising that many website operators – including you 😉 – are scouring the vastness of the internet for a discount code for Borlabs Cookie.

We will help you!

Borlabs Cookie Voucher List

Basically, it should be noted that there are not too many discount codes for Borlabs Cookie floating around the World Wide Web. Even on promotion days – such as the Black Friday Sale 2024 – we couldn’t find any occasion-related Borlabs Cookie discount. But as the saying goes: Seek and you shall find! Because here and there we finally came across a voucher code.

Below we list all the latest Borlabs Cookie coupon codes we could find. You can simply pick your favourite and use it!

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Real Cookie Banner as a free Borlabs Cookie alternative

As already mentioned, Borlabs Cookie is not available in a free version as of today (January 2024). And even the cheapest Borlabs Cookie licence for €39 per year plus VAT (e.g. in Germany, 46.41 € incl. VAT) is not affordable for every website operator.

Real Cookie Banner…we did not find optimal either. This was also one of the reasons why we developed the WordPress cookie plugin Real Cookie Banner.

The cheapest licence of Real Cookie Banner PRO costs 59 € (incl. VAT) per year. Now you’re probably thinking: How is Real Cookie Banner a free alternative to Borlabs Cookie?

The WordPress money-savers among us will certainly know what’s coming now: Real Cookie Banner is available in a 100% free basic version.

Unlike Borlabs Cookie, you can get Real Cookie Banner in an extensive free version. The good thing here is that the Real Cookie Banner free version has a comparably large range of functions as the paid version of Borlabs Cookie.

Therefore, Real Cookie Banner is a good, free alternative to Borlabs Cookie!

Features of the free version of Real Cookie Banner

So that you don’t think we’re just rambling on, but also bring tangible evidence to the table, we’re now listing some features that Real Cookie Banner already has to offer in the free version:

  • Consent Management ( GDPR-, ePrivacy Directive- and TTDSG(TTDPA)-compliant)
  • Templates for services (cookies) and content blockers
  • Content Blocker (Display of content only after consent)
  • Customize the design (design templates and 200+ design options)
  • Beginner-friendly (guided set-up and explanatory texts)
  • Documentation of consents
  • Support with ❤️ from Germany

Real Cookie Banner PRO has convinced you?
Save 25% in the first year with the voucher E18X18UZ

Borlabs Cookie or Real Cookie Banner PRO?

At first glance, you can see that both are well-equipped cookie consent plugins. Since we have already shown you that the free version of Real Cookie Banner can keep up very well with the paid Borlabs Cookie WordPress plugin, you will surely now ask yourself to what extent Real Cookie Banner PRO can top that.

You can read a very detailed comparison of both WordPress cookie consent plugins in our article about the TOP 3 cookie plugins for WordPress. Therefore, we won’t go into too much detail at this point 😉

Beginner-friendly Handling

In Real Cookie Banner – whether in the free or PRO version – you don’t have to write or understand a single line of code for a pretty cookie banner to appear on your website. We have all the settings already done for you. We’ve also made 100+ templates for popular services like YouTube, Google Analytics or the Facebook Like button. They contain all the information you typically need to store in your cookie banner.

In some places in Borlabs Cookie, you may have to create details for more services than in Real Cookie Banner, as (as of January 2024) only around 30 service templates are offered. This could be problematic for website operators without any programming knowledge.

Integrated scanner function

As far as we know (January 2024), Borlabs Cookie does not offer a scan function that allows you to check your website for used cookies or services. You therefore have to find all cookies and services manually – quite a time-consuming task. Especially since you first have to know how to do this.

Real Cookie Banner contains a service scanner. Based on various mechanisms, the scanner searches your website and automatically finds services in use. What exactly our scanner finds and what it doesn’t, we explain in our article about our scanner function.

Live preview when editing the cookie banner

Another difference between Borlabs Cookie and Real Cookie Banner (PRO) is the customization of the cookie banner. Although both cookie plugins provide you with a lot of design settings, Borlabs Cookie does not yet have a live preview. This is generally recommended, as you can see the changes/adjustments you have made directly and do not have to jump to the frontend of your website every time to view the cookie banner.

You can read about all the features of Real Cookie Banner PRO on our website.

How much does Borlabs Cookie cost?

At the current time (January 2024), you can purchase Borlabs Cookie in four different licences: Personal, Business-Medium, Agency Small and Agency.

Borlabs Cookie Lizenzen

As you can see from the screenshot, the price for a Borlabs cookie licence depends on the number of websites.

All tariffs are a subscription model. You therefore pay the amount shown annually. In addition, the prices are net prices. So you still have to add the VAT.

For example, for the Borlabs Cookie Licence Personal, with the lowest number of websites (1), you pay 39 € plus VAT, which results in a final price of 46, 41 € with 19% VAT in Germany.

The next larger licence Business-Medium for 5 websites costs 117, 81 € per year, Agency-Small for 25 websites 236,81 € and the price for the most extensive Borlabs Cookie licence Agency for 99 websites is 355,81 €.

Can I get Borlabs Cookie for free?

As of today (January 2024), there is no free version of Borlabs Cookie. A demo version is also not available. So, you can’t test Borlabs Cookie before you buy it. Instructions and reviews on the Internet could help you at this point. However, it is not possible to try it out yourself.

You can only use Borlabs Cookie after you have bought a licence.

Why a Nulled version of Borlabs Cookie is not a good idea!

If you are thinking about getting a cracked version of Borlabs Cookie, we definitely advise against it. This applies not only to Borlabs Cookie, but to all nulled versions of plugins.

We can understand that you want to save a buck or two here and there – especially since there is no free basic version of Borlabs Cookie. While nulled plugins are not always illegal, a nulled version of a plugin can have serious consequences for your website.

A nulled plugin is usually a modified version of the original plugin. Nulled versions can most likely contain malicious code that collects information without your knowledge. Nulled plugins do not come from the developers of the original plugin, but from third parties – possibly even from pirates.

If you still want to use a Nulled plug-in, you must be prepared for the fact that, in addition to the aforementioned security vulnerabilities, there are also

  • Data theft
  • No updates (aka further security holes)
  • Legal problems (keyword pirate copy)
  • Degraded SEO ranking (blackhat SEO)
  • Degraded UX (ads placed without your knowledge)

can be the consequences…

Better to do it the honest way then, right? 😉