Real Media Library 4.8: Continue in last opened folder, references of shortcuts and fixed folder tree

Real Media Library Version 4.8

We have released version 4.8 of our popular WordPress plugin Real Media Library. The new version comes with the option to continue in the last opened folder, it shows references of shortcuts in the media details and renders a fixed folder tree without jumping when loading.

Continue in last opened folder

For users with a large and complex folder structure, it was frustrating that the startup folder in the media library was only a specific folder. Instead, it’s easier to have the last open folder automatically open when you return to the media library.

Now you can go to Einstellungen > Default startup folder and choose Last opened folder. This option shows you the folder where you left the media library the next time you open it. Each user can change the setting for themselves, so every editor can have their perfect workflow.

Real Media Library: Continue in last opened folder

References of shortcuts

Real Media Library allows you to create file shortcuts as you know it from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. But when you clean up your media library, you never know if a file has a shortcut. So when you remove the source file, the for shortcut will be removed as well. We help you with this problem by adding an additional section to the Media details dialog. Open the dialog and you’ll see links to all the file’s shortcuts – and you can decide whether you really want to remove the source file or not.

Real Media Library: References of shortcuts

Fixed folder tree (no jumping anymore)

It’s a small detail, but we don’t like it ourselves. In previous versions of Real Media Library, when you opened the media library, the folder tree was added a few milliseconds after you entered the page because it is rendered in your browser. As a result, the size of the table of all files became smaller a few milliseconds after you entered the Media Library – an annoying jump effect.

The new version of Real Media Library remembers the size of the folder tree – even if you resized it yourself – and reserves enough space for it already during the first rendering. The result is that it no longer flickers and the user experience as a website editor is a bit smoother.

Real Media Library: Fixed folder tree

Upgrade your WordPress Real Media Library to version 4.8 now and enjoy all the new features! Or if you are not yet a PRO user, try the free version at