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Is Real Cookie Banner legally compliant?

You may wonder whether Real Cookie Banner meets all the legal requirements of the law in force in the EU. This is also a legitimate question because using a cookie banner that is not legally safe in the end won’t do you any good. We will explain what Real Cookie Banner can offer you and where you are responsible for your cookie banners.

We must point out that the following statements do not constitute legal advice. Therefore, we can only give you evaluations from our intensive experience with the EU legal regulations in practice and a technical assessment of the situation.

Real Cookie Banner was developed with EU law in mind

We have developed Real Cookie Banner as a cookie banner and consent management solution with the claim to offer the best solution for WordPress websites. Not only do we want you to be able to set up your cookie banner as quickly and easily as possible, but we also want you to have a legally solid solution for the legal requirements within the EU.

For this purpose, we have studied hundreds of pages of legal documents, judgments, etc. during the design and development of the WordPress plugin, to capture the legal situation and the technical requirements as detailed as possible. We incorporated this knowledge of the legal and technical requirements into the development of Real Cookie Banner to provide a technical solution to the best of our knowledge.

In addition, we continuously monitor changes in laws and relevant judgments in the area of cookies and data processing of personal data on websites. As soon as legal requirements change, we will implement them in Real Cookie Banner for you, so that your Cookie Banner is promptly adapted to the changes.

Your responsibility to use Real Cookie Banner in a legally compliant manner

With the complex topic of data protection, a tool that provides you with all the instruments you need to act in a legally compliant manner is only half the battle. That’s what we offer you with Real Cookie Banner! But every website is individual. It integrates services differently, sets cookies at different times and processes personal data for different purposes.

You as a website owner are responsible for providing this information completely and correctly in your Cookie Banner (and your privacy policy). With a variety of services and content blocker templates, we offer you everything possible to make it as easy as possible to set up the cookie banner correctly and completely. However, we cannot take care of setting up and assessing what your website embeds, sets and transmits, how and why.

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