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Incompatible services and plugins

We have implemented a variety of mechanisms in Real Cookie Banner to be compatible with many technical approaches of third-party services and WordPress plugins. In some cases, we also interfere with the operation of third-party plugins in order to make it as easy as possible for you to use these plugins in a privacy-compliant manner.

In rare cases, however, neither standard mechanisms are effective nor can we change behavior from the outside in terms of data protection. In this case, we contact the operator or manufacturer of the service or WordPress plugin. We are dependent on the cooperation of our counterpart and try to support them as best as possible.

Known incompatibilities

For the following services and WordPress plugins we have received requests from Real Cookie Banner users to make them compatible. Unfortunately, its implementation in cooperation with the respective provider was not yet successful.

If you need a compatibility with one of the following systems, please write the provider of the respective service or plugin and us at the same time. Often, compatibility is implemented faster, if the providers know that several users would want to use it.

  • Slider Revolution: Embedding of external content (e.g. YouTube videos or Google Maps) cannot be blocked by a content blocker before consent. Slider Revolution uses its own JavsaScript apart from the standard HTML to load these embeddings in the frontend, which cannot be isolated.
  • Cachify: The page cache is created and stored unusually early, which is why content blockers only take effect after page caching and consequently no content can be blocked. We have offered the developers a suggestion for solving the problem on Github, which unfortunately has not yet been included in the plugin.
  • Essential Grid + Google Fonts: If you have enabled Essential Grid to load special fonts via Google Fonts, no consent can be obtained for this Google Fonts integration. The reason for this is an unusual way of loading Google Fonts by Essential Grid. We are in contact with the manufacturer for a solution, but according to our experience this takes several months.
  • GTranslate: The plugin can display multiple language switches on each subpage. If more than one language switch is displayed, the plugin will only work if all assets on the website are loaded synchronously. Real Cookie Banner has to load assets async/defer because consent has to be checked first. As a result, GTranslate works only if exactly one language switch is displayed on each page.
  • Asset CleanUp: The optimization plugin bundles the JavaScript of Real Cookie Banner into its combined JavaScript. This causes malfunctions when loading the cookie banner. The developer has not yet provided a filter so that we can automatically exclude Real Cookie Banner’s JavaScript from the combined JavaScript. Therefore, please disable combined JavaScript in Asset CleanUp.
  • TranslatePress: The multilingual plugin has limited support for React, a core technology of WordPress components, and Real Cookie Banner, because TranslatePress’s MutationObserver sometimes fails to correctly detect component rerenderings. As a result, texts in the cookie banner do not appear in the list of translatable texts in the TranslatePress translation editor. One solution is to insert the untranslatable texts from the cookie banner on any page as a paragraph and translate them there. TranslatePress can then display the translations in the cookie banner. TranslatePress has not solved the problem despite multiple requests via emails also in the support forum.

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