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Why does the plugin put JavaScript files in wp-content/?

If Real Cookie Banner is active, you may find JavaScript files and folders in your wp-content/ folder that have a cryptic name. Don’t worry, there is no virus or something like that in your WordPress. We will explain why we need to put the files in this place.

What do the folders and files look like?

Directly in the wp-content/ folder you will find new folders with JavaScript files with a long name, e.g. f7f4fee493316e29b0676d9d962174f5/dist/ There can be up to twenty such files. If you open one of these files, you will see a comment similar to the following in the first line:

/*! For license information please see */

Why does Real Cookie Banner create these folders and files?

Adblockers and cookie banner blockers are increasingly fighting against cookie banners. They block the cookie banner in the same way as advertising. As a result, visitors with such tools would never see your cookie banner, and you can never get consent from them to set cookies. Consequently, you cannot load many services such as Google Analytics, Google Fonts or YouTube for these users. In doubt, this harms not only your users, if they for example cannot see the YouTube video, but especially you as a website operator, who loses important data. That is why we have developed an anti-adblock system.

The anti-adblock system delivers, among other tricks, the JavaScript of Real Cookie Banner (file with the cryptic long name) under a dynamic file name (changes every 7 days or with a plugin update). The path of the file must be as useless as the filename, so that Adblocker and Cookie Banner Blocker cannot recognize whether the JavaScript is Cookie Banner or something else. That’s why we put a copy of the needed JavaScript in the folder wp-content/. But don’t worry, we also take care that files that are no longer needed are automatically deleted again!

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