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How can I reflect the virtual folder structure (physically) in my file system?

Real Media Library only creates a virtual folder structure. This means that no files are moved in your wp-content/uploads/ folder when you create folders or move files with the Real Media Library. We explain do you use an add-on to reflect the virtual folder structure to physical folders in your uploads directory.

Why only a virtual folder structure?

Real Media Library intentionally creates only a virtual folder structure that does not move files in the wp-content/uploads/ directory. Moving a file means that it changes its URL. Consequently, a redirect from the old URL to the new one must be set up and, preferably, in all posts, pages, etc., the old URL of the file must be replaced by the new URL (faster loading time than with a redirect). But often this is not desired at all. In our experience, WordPress users usually just want to have the possibility to organize their uploads better, but do not want to get additional complexity in their website.

Solution: Physical folder structure with Real Physical Media

For users who want to have the created folder structure also physically created in the wp-content/uploads/ directory, we have developed the add-on Real Physical Media. It mirrors the folder structure in a high-performance queuing system and generates redirections from old URLs to the new URLs to ensure that, for example, images already used in articles do not become broken. Additionally, this approach offers advantages in terms of image SEO thanks to a more meaningful file path and name.

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