Real Category Management

Real Category Management

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Organize content like posts, pages or WooCommerce products and all custom post types in category folders. It’s basically a file manager like Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, but for your content in WordPress. Mass content management made easy!

Want efficient category management, but don’t want to spend money?

Okay, getting a paid plugin for free sounds more than tempting. We all like to save here and there. However, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t always pay off to save at the wrong end – on the contrary…

We explain why a nulled download of Real Category Management can have serious consequences for you and your website and why you should rather keep your hands off it.

Nulled Plugins – what is that?

A “nulled plugin” is a modified version of the original plugin, which is generally offered free of charge. Sounds great at first. However, caution is advised here, because nulled versions are full of risks. One main risk is malicious code that silently collects information about you and your website visitors. Nulled plugins are developed by third parties (e.g. pirates) and do not come from the developers of the original plugin.

Are WordPress Nulled Plugins Legal?

If a plugin does not come from the developer’s website, it is not necessarily illegal. Don’t worry, with a high degree of certainty no armed special task force will kick down your door if you use a nulled plugin on your website – thanks to the GPL licence. It allows programmes that cost money to be copied and distributed for free. Therefore, it can sometimes be legal for nulled WordPress plugins to be offered.

However, it is possible that WordPress developers do not place all components of the plugin under the GPL licence. For example, translations or graphics can only be used in the form in which they were licensed. Another issue is trademark rights. These can lead to nulled versions not being allowed to have the same name as the original plugin.

Real Category Management nulled by professional cracker

❌ Hands off illegal plugin downloads

Even though a nulled plugin is not necessarily illegal, this does not mean that you should safely integrate them into your WordPress website. Besides the high risk of malware, using a hacked version of e.g. Real Category Management PRO can have numerous negative consequences.

🔓 Security vulnerabilities

Before you decide to use Real Category Management nulled, you should be aware that the plugin can bring immense security vulnerabilities with it. An illegal, free version of Real Category Management is likely to contain malware, which can make your website a target for hackers. In addition to malicious code, there is also the possibility that a nulled version will embed spam links and redirects to questionable websites on your website without your knowledge.

👥 Privacy Issues

Do you value your privacy? If so, stay away from free, illegal downloads of Real Category Management. Because not only your privacy, but also that of your website visitors, would be at risk. The use of nulled plugins and themes can lead to significant data theft of e.g. usernames, bank data and passwords. As a result, you could face financial consequences and your reputation could suffer immense damage. In addition, you will most likely have to report such attacks to the authorities.

👎 No Support

Nulled plugin = no support. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? We are always happy to help solve problems and are always available for questions. However, only if you are using a valid licence from real category management 😇 Basically, we take great care to make our developed products very beginner-friendly. Nevertheless, we can never guarantee that individual questions will not arise. And it is highly probable that google does not always have an answer. So to save you a lot of headaches and research work, you should avoid using nulled versions of our products.

🔄 No Updates

Updates are important to keep your plugin up to date and avoid potential security vulnerabilities. Therefore, the lack of updates is another risk of nulled plugins. You would theoretically have to find out yourself when an update was released by us, then check for a nulled version with the latest update, delete your current version of Real Category Management and install the new one. But here too, there is a risk that the new version may be hiding malware. You could also miss important security updates published by us. This creates another security vulnerability.

⚖️ Legal Issues

Thanks to the GPL licence, not every nulled plugin is automatically illegal. In the case of Real Category Management, however, we have not placed all components of the plugin under the GPL licence. Therefore, you would always be downloading a pirated copy! The consequences can be expensive legal proceedings and high legal fees. In addition, ransomware can hide in the plugin. It encrypts the data of your website and can blackmail you to release the data. The only way out is either to pay the hacker or to confess to the police that you are using a pirated copy.

📊 Bad SEO ranking

We don’t like it when you use a free, nulled download of Real Category Management. But also, Google and other search engines are not happy if you integrate a hacked version of a plugin into your website. Nulled versions of Real Category Management can hide spam links and dubious redirects. As a result, Google, for example, can drop your ranking immensely. It can also lead to de-indexing and further SEO penalties, as you are practising so-called “blackhat SEO“. If you had invested a lot of work in getting your website to the top of the ranking, this would be gone.

🖥️ Bad User Experience

As if security vulnerabilities, poor SEO and the other disadvantages were not bad enough, even the user experience of your website can suffer from the use of a nulled download. There is a risk that hackers will display advertisements (e.g. in the form of banners) to your website visitors without your knowledge. As this can be quite annoying, important ranking factors such as dwell time on your website, conversion rate and page load time can be negatively affected. Decreases in sales can be possible consequences.

💔 No appreciation of the developers

Our goal is to make you happy with our products and to take a lot of work off your hands. That’s why we are always working to optimize our products. We invest a lot of time, passion and hard work in the development of our products. However, the use of illegal downloads demotivates us because we also want to be rewarded for our efforts. So if you appreciate our work and want to help us support you with our products, please refrain from illegal Real Category Management downloads.

Advantages of your legal licence

You have a choice: do you want to enjoy all the benefits of a legal Real Category Management PRO licence or expose yourself and your website visitors to risks? Tip: A legal licence has many advantages!

No integrated malicious code or data theft
Automatic updates
Professional support with ❤️ for your questions
No legal consequences
No negative effects on the SEO ranking

Try out in a sandbox

You want to try Real Category Management for WordPress before buying? Take a free sandbox and play around! A sandbox is a WordPress installation with the pre-installed plugin just for you. You can do what every you want on this installation.

Organize your content

How can I find out if I am using an illegal version of Real Category Management?

If you are using Real Category Management in a free, illegal version and would prefer to switch to a valid licence, you can contact our support team at any time. We will be happy to help you set up your legal licence!

Are you not sure if you are using a nulled version of Real Category Management? Then ask yourself the following question: Where did I get the plugin from? You can only buy a legal licence on If this is not the case, you have installed a hacked version of Real Category Management PRO on your website.

Security plugins like WordFence can help you check your website for security vulnerabilities. Such a plugin can detect malware, ransomware etc. contained in the cracked version.

Buy a Real Category Management PRO licence now!

Quality doesn’t always have to be unnecessarily expensive. We always try to offer you the best quality at affordable prices with our products. Our WordPress plugin Real Category Management helps you to bring structure into your content with the help of folders so that you can easily keep track of everything.

And if you’re still sceptical about whether our plugin is right for you, you can try our free basic version of Real Category Management. This version already covers many important functions. In addition, you can test the PRO version for free in a sandbox to convince yourself of the plugin before you buy it.